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The Me:

Hi. I'm nomelon. I read. I write. I paddle in the shallow waters of fandom. I am not fond of melon. Also, I'm a dork.

The You:

If you want to friend me, feel free. You don't need to ask and there's no sense in being shy. If you then decide this was a big mistake and want to defriend me, you can do that, too. If you want to comment, stalk, lurk, chat, squee, pelt me with stale muffins, rub a little funk on it, or fling poo like a chimpanzee, go right ahead. It's all good. Concrit, feedback and other miscellaneous comments all gratefully received. You can also find me here on AO3 and here on tumblr.


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Interests (149):

al swearengen: magnificent bastard, alternate universes, angel, angel/cordelia, back to the future, batman, bill bailey, bill bryson, bill-&-ted's-excellent-adventure, blue hair, brian/stewie, buffy the vampire slayer, burping up my nose, captain kirk's disappearing shirt, christian bale's sibilance, come-2-give-me-a-caning-sir?would-u-like-that-sir?, cordelia chase, cryptic crosswords, damning the consequences, dan dority: vicious teddybear, dante's cove (no really), david hasselhoff, david tennant's scenery chewing, deadwood, debasing the beef canoe, derek hale/stiles stilinski, doctor who, douglas adams, drag queen cabaret, dwayne the rock johnson, dylan moran's drunk voice, eeny weeny fang teeth, ellen ripley, equilibrium, escapism, every-step-a-fucking-adventure, evil beards, fictional tattoos, flying deloreans, frisky women, generation kill, getting away with it, ghostbusters, hawaii five-0, hedwig's angry inch, herbal tea, hey-laserlips! your-momma-was-a-snowblower!, huge sideburns, i-don't-want-to-hurt-you-i-just-want-to-eat, if-you-don't-remember-it-didn't-happen, inception, instant self-gratification, ironic drinking, jason statham's disappearing shirt, jay and silent bob, jean-claude-van-damme-is-a-serious-actor, jeremy baines, jim beaver, joe flanigan's hair, john rambo: badass motherfucker, john sheppard's hair, john sheppard/ronon dex, joss whedon, justified, kurt vonnegut, liev schreiber's sideburns, looking-everything-up-on-wikipedia, lucas scott's face, making shit up, martha jones, marty mcfly, milan kundera, minor characters, misfits, miss donna noble, mr spock's lego hair, muscle cars, naming-ronon-dex's-individual-dreadlocks, not-feeling-like-a-twat, not-stepping-on-sea-cucumbers, old school spike, old-school-winnie-the-pooh, omnisexuality, one tree hill, oswald state correctional facility, paradoxes, peace and quiet, pee-wee-herman's-vampiric-death-throes, pie = gruesome death, post-it notes, power naps, prisoner: cell block h, pyjama-bra!buffy, ray person's mouth, real life competence kink, red dwarf, ridiculous vampires, riley finn, rocky balboa, ronon dex, sam beckett is perfect, sam winchester/ronon dex, sam's moobs, sam/dean, sammy!mop, samndean's matching freaking tattoos, sarah connor, seriously dark chocolate, shirt-grabby-wall-slammy!sammy, singing in the car, small podgy tornados, snark, so's your face!, sons of anarchy, spartacus: blood and sand, spike/riley, star trek, stargate atlantis, sterling archer, steve/danno/bickering, subtext, supernatural, talking to myself, teen wolf, teeny!jared, terminator, the guy, the tenth doctor, the vampire diaries, the-fast-and-the-furious, the-mind-of-russell-t-davies, the-thing-and-the-stuff, there-is-no-dana-only-zuul, time travel, timothy (elephant) olyphant, true blood, unexpected zombies, vampires, vauxhall novas, vivid dreams, wayward sons, wesley wyndam-pryce, when ten says welllll, when-fernado-sucre-says-mami, when-mr-wu-says-swegen!, william elliott whitmore, william shatner's acting, xander harris, zombies

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